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I found Marta to be thoughtful, thorough and entirely knowledgeable in how she approaches nonprofit governance.

Kent SetonManaging Partner, Attorney at Law Seton & Associates

Marta Ferro has been a long-time advocate for the Eisner Pediatric & Family Medical Center. As a member of our board of directors she was instrumental in introducing us to the Field Study Program at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Recently, she has helped to broker a relationship with the Step Up Women’s Network, a community based organization which provides mentoring programs to girls and young women. Marta is committed to making our community a better place to live through her professional work and her community contributions.

Carl CoanCEO, Eisner Pediatric & Family Medical Center

We appreciated the work of Starfish Impact who helped us tremendously with a number of business transition questions as they impacted our future investment strategies in a volatile non-profit healthcare environment filled with market shifts, regulatory complexities and leadership transitions.

Shawn MiyakeKeiro Senior HealthCare, President and Chief Executive Officer

Marta and Starfish Impact worked with me for several years when I needed a change agent for the company’s business operations.  She helped to manage finance, HR, technology and marketing and was a confidential advisor when I needed to discuss important business matters and decisions.  As the founder and owner of the business, I appreciated having someone I could trust to analyze information, provide counsel and recommendations, and manage key initiatives such as the creation of our CRM database and new website.

Dr. Ann GarberFounder & CEO, Garber Academics

Marta will go the extra mile for her clients. She is very knowledgeable in the Exempt Organization field and what it takes to get to the next level. Give her a project and she will get it done. I fully trust her with any of my clients.

Lior TemkinTax Partner & Head of Tax Exempt Organization, SingerLewak LLP

I had the pleasure of meeting Marta through a mutual associate of ours in the non-profit world. She had come highly recommended and after working with her personally, I can understand why. She has the passion and drive to help her clients succeed in taking their non-profit organizations to the next level. She is truly a professional who understands the non-profit world and what needs to be done in order to flourish in it. I would highly recommend Marta and her services as she was not only a joy to work with but also brought results.

Steven YaminPresident and C.E.O, Conscience Entertainment Group

Marta Ferro could be President of the United States. Every company, every non-profit, every project achieves greater success if Marta is handling the execution. I’ve been inside over 100 companies during my consulting career and no one handles details like she does. If Marta is involved results just show up; and failure, undoubtedly, is NOT an option.

Alice CrisciFounder & Executive Director, My Vision

Marta and her team at Starfish Impact have taken our organization to a whole new level. Marta’s guidance and expertise have allowed our small, growing organization to establish solid roots and flourish. I feel like I can reach out to Marta for advice on anything…grant research and writing, board development, governance, and more. Since teaming up with Starfish Impact in late 2013, we have secured multiple grants, built solid relationships with foundations and developed a growing network of supporters throughout the community.  Our organization would not be where it is today without the invaluable support of Marta and her team!

Emili DanzFounder & Executive Director, CITYstage

Starfish Impact’s work to develop a strong grant writing plan has strategically positioned our organization to meet and even exceed our grant funding goals.  They have expertise in researching and identifying funding resources that meet a wide variety of needs, which is essential for an organization like ours that offers distinctly diverse yet inextricably linked programs as part of our social enterprise.  From the creation of the Master Grant Proposal to the compilation of a $1.4 million grant pipeline, Starfish Impact has provided solid and professional grant writing services for Kitchens For Good over the past year.  Having their knowledge and support as part of a collaborative team is a great asset.

Jennifer GilmoreExecutive Director, Kitchens For Good

I was the Chair of the Board of Directors for KIPP LA Prep, and we hired Marta to head up our Development efforts for the organization. She was brilliant in her approach to her work, as well as her execution. She quickly assessed the big strategic goals, and formulated a well thought through plan to attain those goals. What was particularly important to us was that her execution was impeccable. She regularly communicated to all stakeholders, and took full responsibility for project management and follow through on all details. Marta delivered solid results which the entire Board was very pleased with. She was an absolute joy to work with and I would highly recommend her to both operating nonprofits as well as private and corporate foundations looking for operational consulting and leadership in their community impact investment strategies as well as due diligence management and execution. Marta has a strong business background and embodies integrity and a results oriented focus as well as is easy to work with. She approaches her clients in a team-oriented, open manner and works well with all types of people. I couldn’t recommend her more highly to any entity looking to create a lasting social impact on its community.

Kathy Yeung

Marta’s leadership at Step Up has helped to grow the organization to higher levels over her leadership tenure with the organization. She joined the Board and immediately became a natural leader and trusted advisor to me and my team. Since Marta assumed the role of Los Angeles President, revenues have grown significantly, the Board has more than doubled its fundraising, our community programs are richer and impact an exponentially larger number of women and girls, we have a tiered membership fundraising strategy, and hired the first three staff within the Los Angeles chapter. Her leadership style is diplomatic and direct, and has allowed her to manage and work with the many type-A overachievers we luckily have on our all-volunteer Board and working Committees. As a result of Marta and her team’s strategic and professional approach to their roles, the Los Angeles chapter continues to methodically set and then reach its goals. I have great respect for Marta in both the nonprofit as well as for-profit arenas. Marta is the kind of person that excels at everything she does. She gives everything over 100%. She is also an ethical and fair person, who is extremely thoughtful in her approach to all business endeavors. She is an asset to any team.

Kaye Popofsky KramerFounder, Step Up Women's Network

L.A. Kitchen is thrilled to work with Starfish Impact as we launch our dynamic new social business. Marta’s team is wildly professional and super connected, and we’ve seen immediate results since we began working with them. Many talk, few deliver….Starfish Impact delivers!!!

Robert EggerFounder & CEO, L.A. Kitchen

As executive director of a national nonprofit looking to sink roots into the LA community, I needed someone with passion, energy, the ability to think strategically and political savvy. I received all that and more with Marta Ferro. As board chair she has been an exceptional leader for C5 Los Angeles.

Paul GundersonExecutive Director, C5 Youth Foundation

Marta connected me with one of the most challenging and fulfilling experiences of my life when she recruited me to be part of the board at the Center for Biological Diversity. In 2010, the organization was looking for a Board Treasurer with nonprofit experience as well as accounting qualifications.  Marta is aware of my commitment to the animal rights/animal advocacy movements and thought that my interests, plus my accounting qualifications, might make me a good fit for the CBD.  I interviewed with the organization that spring, was invited on to their Board, and have been working with them ever since.

Stephanie ZillBoard Member, Center for Biological Diversity

KIPP LA Prep began working with Starfish Impact in the spring of 2006. Marta worked with the School Leader to develop the business and development strength of our Board of Directors. Within nine months, our school elected four new members who have become pivotal to the advancement of the school. Ms. Ferro’s ability to connect nonprofits with key members of the business sector is unparalleled. In the spring of 2007 we decided to increase Ms. Ferro’s scope of services and contracted with her to fulfill all development and advancement services. In this time, Ms. Ferro has created a robust pipeline of funding opportunities. She has helped develop the school’s relationships with prominent foundations. She launched a successful individual contributions campaign and designed and implemented three successful fundraising events, “Hoop It”, “Museum of KIPP Art (MOKA)”, and “KIPP LA Prep’s Annual Campaign Kick Off Party”. Ms. Ferro has helped KIPP LA Prep craft and identity the brand that positively impacted our ability to raise funds. She is a phenomenal asset to our school.

Arielle RittvoDirector of Operations and Finance, KIPP LA Prep

Giving has been a core part of my personal and corporate values since day one, but as our charitable commitments have grown, it became clear that we needed to bring in an expert in nonprofits and philanthropy to create the impact we were seeking. Just as in any area of your business, you want to work with experts. Starfish Impact listened to what we wanted to accomplish, identified the full scope of resources we’re giving, and provided a strategy for our philanthropic commitment that allows for the growth we anticipate.

Anthony MarguleasOwner, Amalfi Estates

New Horizons hired Starfish Impact to create a Major Gifts Strategic Plan for the first time in the organization’s 60 year history.  The team delivered a comprehensive narrative plan and numerous attachments providing a Major Gifts road map for New Horizons. We were so impressed we hired Starfish Impact again to execute the plan. Marta, Faye, and Adrienne are strategic additions to New Horizons and provide a unique compliment to our organization bringing an outside perspective to our organization. Starfish Impact’s team approach is a bonus as we get more than one talented brain working on our behalf.

Cynthia SewellCEO, New Horizons

It has been a great pleasure working with the Starfish Impact team in helping to create the 3 year strategy plan for LIFT-LA.  They provided great amount of expertise, tools, and insight that helped to engage all levels of our organization in the process- our program constituents, external stakeholders, board members, and staff.  Their framework is structured enough to allow for important formative conversations to happen, that probably would not have happened otherwise, but also flexible enough to be responsive to our particular needs.  For instance, on request, they presented at several board meetings along the way to introduce and give updates on the process.  LIFT-LA has been in good hands with this group—a professional, fun, creative, resourceful, patient and intelligent crew that have been a joy to work with in putting together what I know will be a dynamic growth plan for LIFT-LA.

Michelle Rhone-Collins

The Starfish Impact team worked with us to re-platform our website and successfully delivered a robust and innovative online community.  What was once a brochure and membership registration site has now become a community to share resources, products, information and contact information.  We also gained a new conference website which functions and looks significantly better.  The team worked with us every step of the way including platform selection, planning, project management, product specifications, development and deployment. We were so happy with the working and communication style of Starfish Impact’s CTO, that we have kept her on in a maintenance role and she continues to keep our site functioning and current, and seamlessly executes additional, smaller projects.


Jim SchorrCEO, Social Enterprise Alliance

Starfish Impact is my go-to consulting team to assist my clients, and my clients consistently rave about their services.  My clients and I especially appreciate Starfish Impact because they are uniquely positioned to provide in-depth assistance with a variety of critical organizational issues, including strategic planning, financial management, fundraising, stakeholder engagement, and event planning.  I feel confident referring clients to Starfish Impact because I know they will receive superior, professional assistance that is directed towards solving problems quickly and comprehensively, while also identifying opportunities and issues my clients never even considered.  Starfish Impact helps me to expand my roles as a director and an attorney because I always know I can rely upon their stable of talented, expert, and dedicated consultants to help each organization fulfill its mission and achieve its vision.

Cecily Jackson ZapataChief Compliance Officer & General Counsel at GVNG

Starfish not only developed a strategy for us but also stayed on board to manage the initial execution of the plan.  The team was also very available to advise around other issues and connected us to additional resources outside the scope of their work.  As a result, our business operations and development efforts have been improved and further, the lives of our women and children have been directly impacted through generous in kind donations.  Getting involved in #SupportingOurSector was one highlight that allowed us to engage our support base in a new, creative and valuable way, and positively affected our bottom line at the end of the year.  I can highly recommend the Starfish team if you need additional support, resources and expertise as well as a team that will also understand and care about the human side of your mission.

Debbie UnruhExecutive Director, Elizabeth House

“I value VERY highly our work together this year.  Your expert advising, mentoring and coaching have been invaluable as I’ve learned the ropes of managing a growing non-profit, and Julie’s help in coaching and recruiting some of our team to expand our engagement with large donors has been appreciated.  You’ve done your consulting work well, and have empowered us to proceed and fly on our own.”

Leslie FieldFounder & Executive Director, Ice911

I really appreciate Starfish Impact and Julie’s work with Kitchens For Good.  Because of your efforts we are in a strong place with our grants management program and ready to fly on our own.  The systems, processes, research and master grant proposal foundation, as well as grants won, have set us up for continued success.  We are grateful for the expertise and guidance you have provided, and Julie is a true pleasure to work with.

Jennifer GilmoreExecutive Director, Kitchens for Good

Marta is a very experienced, savvy professional. She is very knowledgeable about nonprofit governance, operations, grant proposals and image. She is also very knowledgeable about corporate image enhancement and all operational and logistical aspects of corporate foundations, and especially in the strategic planning and grants management arenas. As a result of Marta’s significant experience, she has seen many problems that organizations have already had and has solved them for her clients. This experience, as well as her trustworthy and ethical reputation, makes for an excellent hire as a consultant. Her guidance can provide tremendous reassurance to management. I highly recommend Marta as a reliable, valuable asset to grantmaking foundations, operating nonprofits and corporations looking to make a strategic impact on the community.

Karl BlockPartner, Loeb & Loeb

Marta changed my life for the better by understanding my philanthropic goals and introducing me to an organization that was the ideal fit for me.  I wanted to get involved with improving public education in the inner city and didn’t know how to go about it.  Marta introduced me to KIPP LA Prep, a charter school in East Los Angeles.  She helped me get involved and eventually join the board.  Shortly after joining the board, we expanded our goals to impact public education in Los Angeles and formed a regional KIPP Los Angeles board where I was one of four founding members.  Our board and team has raised millions of dollars in private donations and now we have 11 schools serving over 4,000 students, including the best performing public elementary school in Los Angeles.  I am proud to say that we are widely recognized as being the top performing charter organization.  While I cannot take credit for the amazing achievements made by KIPP, Marta can certainly take credit for helping me find a meaningful way to give back which has had a positive impact on my life.


Joe Cilic