Starfish Impact presents Purpose Driven Connections, designed to intentionally build relationships for social good.


Founder Marta Ferro has been involved in both the private and social sector for decades. She understands the need for businesses to align themselves with community organizations, and also sees the vast need in our social sector, including nonprofits and otherwise. Marta is a natural connector. After many years of informally hosting dinner parties, cocktail socials, and lunches for colleagues and friends with the result of building countless connections and meaningful relationships, Marta has launched this initiative as an extension of the Starfish Impact brand, a philanthropic consultancy widely recognized for its ability to bring business acumen including strategy, business development, and fundraising, to the nonprofit and philanthropy community.

While LinkedIn has facilitated the public’s ability to see behind a company’s roster and allow individuals to reach out directly to second and third order links in their networks and beyond, many of these connections remain superficial and online, never making the jump to real reciprocity of relationship.

In our communities, a few groups have also recognized this need and offer opportunities to make connections, but most often represent either a business or a nonprofit’s interest exclusively, not taking into account the best fit should be the best fit for both. The holistic approach of Starfish Impact’s Purpose Driven Connections is what makes us unique.

Moreover, given Purpose Driven Connection’s home within the Starfish Impact family of services for individuals, foundations, corporations, and nonprofits, the team at Starfish Impact is particularly well suited to curate, moderate and host these conversations and connections. The Starfish Impact team hosts pre conversations with all participants to discuss expectations and responsibilities, as well as what each individual and entity is looking to get out of, and bring to, Purpose Driven Connections. Unlike other networking groups, sites, or organizations, Starfish Impact doesn’t simply host a party and let things fall where they may, the team holds the hand of each participant, offering a mix of coaching and advising to each throughout, so that all connections made are likely to flourish.

Contact Starfish Impact today if you’re interested in learning more for yourself, your social sector organization, or your business. We can’t wait to talk to you!

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What clients say