Launching a CSR Program

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Employees of a mid size business (500 growing to 1,000+) were asking executives to get more involved in the community.  Simultaneously, a recent merger with a significantly different (and public) company was starting to result in collaborative systems and processes, and had pre-established CSR programs, and an invested employee culture, but many layers of communications systems.


Corporate culture had been deprioritized and employees felt uneasy.  The differences between the two companies were profound and also affected the administration of the company (and any potential CSR efforts) given the number of communication systems.


A CSR program was developed that focused on employee engagement and communications.  It was layered into the already existing CSR program of the incoming business and a communications strategy that took into account the many systems was designed to increase feelings of inclusivity and further develop the corporate culture.


The company layered in the CSR program into an existing department and hopes to bring on full time focused CSR staff after things quiet down.  In the interim, some of the lower hanging fruit of the CSR program have been implemented to show responsiveness to employees such as meaningful volunteer opportunities.