Our Story

Our almost 20-year Starfish journey is filled with rich client experiences and new ones we look forward to exploring soon.

Starfish Impact is a strategic consulting and advisory firm serving the philanthropy sector and supporting corporations in building purpose-focused businesses. We work with clients to develop actionable plans, get the right teams in place, and track program impact. Functional areas of expertise include philanthropy, fundraising, operations, finance, and organizational culture. Our dynamic team has decades of experience across nonprofit and for-profit enterprises and is uniquely equipped to provide bespoke solutions for the complex needs faced by today’s forward-thinking organizations.


How it all started…

Perhaps you’ve heard of the starfish tale? It’s a short allegory about the power of discrete impact. A woman walking on a starfish-covered beach stops to throw one back in the ocean to save it. When told it was a fool’s errand — “you’ll never be able to save them all, you won’t make a difference” — she asserts, vehemently, that it makes a difference to at least one.

That’s where our story begins. Starfish Impact is discrete impact, because that’s how collective impact starts. We believe in the power of little victories to drive momentum toward bigger goals; and we work with individuals, foundations, non-profit organizations, and companies to understand how to make the most impact with step-by-step execution, doing the small things right to build the foundation for greatness.

In short, we supply resources to accelerate impact, broaden capabilities, maximize reach, and identify opportunities for growth; and we work with you to develop prevention strategies so fewer starfish wash ashore.