CSR Planning & Execution

Creating social impact, bettering our communities and leading with a philanthropic mindset is just as important in the for-profit business sector.  Companies and brands have a compelling opportunity to do good in, with and for their communities.  Your entity’s voice is often powerful, and engaging your team creates public and internal goodwill including improving employee retention and morale.  A strong and well executed CSR plan creates triple bottom line ROI.


When Starfish partners with our for-profit clients, we bring all of our business consulting resources to the table and utilize multiple lenses to craft and manage your CSR strategy by incorporating philanthropy, marketing, supply chain and environmental analysis, and internal communications, culture and HR best practices.  Similar to our work with philanthropic families, we start by delving into the brand, culture and leadership of the company or firm, focusing on areas such as values, purpose, mission, vision and theory of change.  From there, the plan begins to take shape, and develops a tailored road map that could address specific cause areas and organizations to support as well as employee engagement, storytelling and much more.