Board Placements

Some companies specifically want to focus on a Board Placement engagement in which a group of senior leaders, managers, partners, executives or others on the team (everyone?!) are strategically supported to join a nonprofit board of directors.  The objective of the experience is multi-fold from the company’s perspective—the employee gains professional development, bolsters their resume, networks and builds valuable relationships, gains new skills and perspectives, and has the opportunity to lead outside of the workplace.  The company’s brand also becomes more visible by supporting and encouraging its team members to actively contribute to their communities, often driving online presence, PR, social media, and in person event marketing exposure.


Starfish loves crafting the bigger picture board placement strategy for all sizes of for-profit organizations—taking in consideration the company’s overall CSR plan (if they have one), brand, desired cause areas of priority, and either focusing or diversifying the placements depending on the desired strategic goals and impact the company is looking to achieve.  From there, we also work individually with the identified team members, to dive into their specific interests and objectives in serving on a board, all while tying back to the company’s bigger picture strategy.  In short, a specific plan that supports the bigger picture business goal is developed for each person.  Our curated matchmaking process is related to our board recruitment and development offering and highlights the mix of corporate goals and human joy at play.