We have built a team with deep expertise in philanthropic and nonprofit management consulting.

Starfish Impact works alongside teams and serves as de facto staff at nonprofits, foundations, and corporations seeking to improve organizational management and processes. We work with clients to develop informed strategies and actionable plans that can sustainably support their programs. Services include corporate social responsibility plans, organizational assessment, strategic planning, financial restructuring and management, board development, prospect research and evaluation, proposal drafting, progress report writing, due diligence, and funder communications.

Our expansive and diverse client portfolio includes over 100 nonprofit and for-profit organizations such as: L.A. Kitchen, Children Mending Hearts, Social Enterprise Alliance, The Pablove Foundation, The Painted Turtle, Her Way Home Foundation, Philip and Muriel Berman Foundation, Garden School Foundation, Climate Action Reserve, Jail Guitar Doors, Affordable Living for the Aging, and so many more.