Strategic Reset of Philanthropy

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This funder was a long time supporter of his community through checkbook gift making (one off gifts that generally are at the request of a colleague or peer, with little proactive or intentional strategy to them). The gifts were also often directed to a specific nonprofit at the direction of clients as a part of business development efforts.


The giving habits were resulting in scattered community support, which meant that despite gifting significantly in the community, he and his family were having minimal impact on addressing real issues and challenges. Additionally, given the sporadic nature of the giving, the funder wasn’t experiencing the giving in a real way that helped him understand the meaning of his gift.


A strategy was created that delineated giving in focus areas that matched family (and subsequently his business’) values. The strategy included goals and benchmarks for how the funder and his team could get involved in the community beyond writing checks, which provided opportunities for employee engagement for a mostly millennial aged team. Messaging was also provided to translate and weave the strategy into ongoing business development efforts so that the funder/business owner’s efforts were symbiotic. Lastly, strategic nonprofit partners that fell within the giving focus areas were identified for long-term investment and relationship building.


The funder has increased giving in the community significantly now that he has more meaningful relationships with strategic nonprofit partners, and their clients. He has seen less turnover and more engaged team members who have gotten involved in the strategic giving plan on the business side, and his clients appreciate the thoughtfulness of the giving. Importantly, the funder also feels more invested in his giving and has recommitted to growing his philanthropic goals. And his team is more invested, including joining at least one board each with the funder providing a meaningful donation to each organization that covers the board give.