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5 Innovative Nonprofit Campaigns We Love!

This week, we’re featuring five innovative nonprofit campaigns we love and think you will too! Colorectal cancer awareness and prevention causes have struggled to receive mainstream attention because of the discomfort many people have in acknowledging and discussing it. The Love Your Butt campaign was a ‘cheeky’ way to invite people to talk about the…

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Let’s Talk Fiscal Sponsorship – P2/2

We’re continuing our exploration of fiscal sponsorship this week with fiscal sponsorship specialist Andrew Schulman, Founder of Schulman Consulting. If you missed last week’s post, you can read it here. Can you describe a situation where a fiscal sponsorship made sense indefinitely? Can you also describe situations when a fiscal sponsorship might come to an end?…

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Let’s Talk Fiscal Sponsorship – P1/2

This week, we’re interviewing fiscal sponsorship specialist Andrew Schulman, Founder of Schulman Consulting, a unique practice dedicated to assisting nonprofit leaders understand and navigate the world of fiscal sponsorship – a subject most of us have heard of but aren’t totally sure how it works. For more on the basics of fiscal sponsorship, take a…

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So You’re Ready to Join a Nonprofit Board

The team at Starfish Impact is often asked to by nonprofits to help them find good Board members, and by individuals to help them find meaningful Board positions. We love being the connector and are always happy to connect our friends. (In fact, contact us here if you fall into either of those categories.) But we also are asked a lot of the same questions by younger professionals who are looking to join their first nonprofit Board. In this post, we are sharing the three questions that we always ask to start these conversations with young professionals ready to join a nonprofit Board.