Multi Platform End of Year Giving Campaign

Multi Platform End of Year Giving Campaign

While the end of year may seem far away, it’s not too early to start planning your end of year giving campaign. Putting together a thoughtful plan across several communications platforms will help reach the broadest audience and reinforce tailored messaging to each specific demographic. In this post, we share examples of how to utilize each platform in your end of year giving campaign.

team retreat

Elements of a Successful Team Retreat

We spoke with several colleagues to gather input and have hosted a variety of team meetings, appreciation events, and team building retreats ourselves over the years. In this week’s post, we share some of the key elements that lead to a successful team retreat. Whether you’re planning your first one, or considering giving some new life to a tried and true method, take a look at these tips.


#GivingTuesday Trends

#GivingTuesday is growing year over year and this year was no exception. Nonprofits of all sizes, from start up to multinational organizations, take part in #GivingTuesday, and given that over one third of all giving is distributed over the holiday season, we spent some time reviewing the trends we noticed in successful appeals. Challenge matches…


Nonprofit Prizes, Contests, and Grant Competitions

As you may have heard, Starfish Impact launched an initiative called #SupportingOurSector in September that functions as a nonprofit contest, selected by popular vote, lifted entirely via social media, and funded by the business community.  Many people asked us how this prize differed from others that exist, and why Starfish launched this initiative. We’ve shared…